Great Work Ethic Leads to 100% Production Rate

Donna Farmer's Story

Great Work Ethic Leads to 100% Production Rate

Donna Farmer of Harrison, Ark., worked through Penmac for almost two years until her temporary placement became a permanent position at Flexsteel Industries. Flexsteel Industries is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers, importers and marketers of residential and commercial upholstered and wooden furniture products in the country.

Farmer said she is responsible for sewing furniture patterns and is expected to complete each pattern within its allotted time. This challenge, along with the varying difficultly of the patterns, allows Farmer to strive for excellence while maintaining interest in her tasks. Farmer has achieved a 100% production rate, which is not accomplished by all sewers.

Flexibility was a major benefit of working for Penmac according to Farmer. “I had two grandchildren during the time I working for Penmac and felt that I could take the time to go to their births, Farmer said.

Farmer said she is fortunate that the Harrison Penmac branch worked hard to help her find a job. Having worker previously at Levi’s, Farmer figured that sewing would naturally come by to her, but was initially hesitant to the job at Flexsteel. Lindsey Hovis, Harrison branch manager, said that Farmer worked hard and focused on learning her tasks. “She has a great work ethic. She hardly missed a day and got the attendance bonus quite often,” Hovis said.

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