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The Northwest Arkansas branch of Penmac Staffing is based in Siloam Springs, AR. Penmac is a staffing company that helps employers find talented employees, and can also provide human resource solutions. Penmac also works closely to help workers find suitable employment, based on their skills and schedule. In Siloam Springs, Penmac frequently staffs in the industries of manufacturing, clerical, HVAC, and facility services. We regularly hire for assembly and production workers, service technicians, administrative assistants, and receptionists.

Business in Siloam Springs, AR 

Located in northwest Arkansas, Siloam Springs, AR is a small community with a strong base of industrial businesses. Other predominant jobs in Siloam Springs include retail, office administration, production, and transportation.

About Siloam Springs, AR

On the border between Oklahoma and Arkansas, Siloam Springs has more than 16,000 residents within the city. Siloam Springs has been voted “One of the Best Small Towns in America,” and boasts great schools industries, and non-profits, all contributing to a great quality of life for its residents.

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Penmac Staffing
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