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On January 1, 2018, Employment Resource Center, Inc. became a division of Penmac Staffing.

Business in Hackensack, Minnesota

Hackensack is a busy tourist town, and the home of Mann Lake LTD, one of of the world’s largest suppliers of beekeeping equipment.

About Hackensack, Minnesota

Hackensack is a bustling town with a population of 300. It is located 50 minutes north of Brainerd, 50 minutes south of Bemidji and 30 minutes from the headwaters of the Mississippi River right in the very heart of lake country.

Deanna McNew, Regional Manager

Deanna McNew began working with Penmac Staffing in 1994, as the West Plains Branch Manager. As Penmac’s territories expanded, McNew eventually became Regional Manager for the West Plains, Houston, Poplar Bluff, Brainerd, Hutchinson, Wadena, and Hackensack branches. McNew has always demonstrated a commitment to the community. In 2014, the West Plains Chamber of Commerce recognized McNew by presenting her with the Volunteer of the Year award. Near her hometown, McNew serves on the Board of Directors of the Ozarks Medical Center Foundation and is the Vice Chair of the Willow Health Care Group, and previously served as the past vice president of the Heart of Ozarks United Way and on the West Plains Chamber Board.

Tyler Wittwer, Branch Manager

Branch Manager Tyler Wittwer has worked in staffing for the last four years. He has his Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. “My favorite part about staffing,” Wittwer says, “is learning people’s stories; everyone has a different reason they are working for us.”

Aaron Schroeder, On-Site Manager

On-Site Manager Aaron Schroeder has spent more than twenty years in contingency-based recruiting. When asked what he likes best about the industry, Schroeder notes, “I enjoy the ever-changing variety of each day, and I have a special interest in client development and retention.”

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