Why do some things never change? Because they work!

Read these five reasons why you should get a job now.

Let’s face it! A lot changed in 2020! Many people experienced a change of pace, a change of heart, a change of scenery, or had to change minds (or subjects!). It’s true, the past year definitely was unprecedented, but there is also some comfort in remembering that some things never change. Through the ups and downs of business, Penmac has always offered FREE help to those looking for work, and has always had jobs.


We’ve all had to make difficult decisions about the workplace this year, and now is no exception. Many are wondering, is it safe to return to work? Or, why should I return to work with stimulus checks and tax refunds arriving in my mailbox? It’s definitely worth considering! Read below for these five reasons it might be better to start working now, instead of later.


  1. Seize the pay!

Economies change, but well-paying jobs are always in high demand! Some things never change…

The last year saw drastic changes in supply and demand (we’re all still keeping toilet paper well-stocked!), and businesses had to adjust. To support laid off workers and others who might be struggling, the government started relief measures, expanding some benefits and providing stimulus stipends. But now, as things slowly start to return to normal, companies are looking to hire, but not all workers are ready. As an incentive to recruit new employees, many businesses have increased pay! Those applicants who start working now have a better chance at locking in a better salary than those who wait.


  1. Beat the rush!

Job opportunities change, but the best ones always go first! Some things never change…

We all know that when word gets out about better-paying jobs, the good ones will be filled quickly. If you apply now, you’re more likely to get in at the beginning. Not only that, but the sooner you start a job, the more seniority you’ll have, which means you’ll be first in line for raises and promotions. Starting work today can mean a long-term career in the near future.


  1. Want to be treated like royalty?

Raises and promotions change in companies, but loyalty is rewarded. Some things never change…

Another perk to applying now is that businesses need you. In many cases this means you’ll be paid more, but it also means many companies offer you sign-on, referral, and attendance bonuses. Employers are looking for ways to make their workplaces and jobs more desirable for people like you. Not to mention, aren’t we all getting a little cabin fever at this point? Get out of the house (and away from those chores and fix-up projects), and start a position where you can make new connections, build experience, and learn new skills. Working can give you a sense of accomplishment, but more than that, it can influence your position for the future.


  1. Make sure you’re covered.

The costs of things change, but accidents happen! Some things never change…

While you might have some extra cash in the bank right now, it’s still a good idea to keep income coming in. Unexpected costs always sneak up at the worst moment, whether a car breaks down, a medical expense comes up, or one of your kids wants to sign up for a new sport. Having some savings helps so those surprise expenses become minor setbacks, rather than big catastrophes. Plus, Penmac offers all employees affordable healthcare options from day one of employment, which can save you and your family money!


  1. Rest easy.

Money comes and goes, but a job is steady income. Some things never change…

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, or on a strict budget, it’s harder to enjoy the fun things, but if you have income coming in steadily, it’s money you can count on. Along with tax refunds and stimulus checks, this means you could expand your budget to include things like a vacation, a new house project, or something fun for the family. Rather than waiting for funds to get low before returning to work, use your money to give yourself peace of mind and to treat yourself for working hard!


When Penmac was founded 33 years ago, a loaf of bread was about $0.60, a gallon of gas was just under a dollar—things certainly change—but whether it’s 1988 or 2021, one thing has stayed the same—a reliable paycheck is priceless. Apply today for great opportunities, or call your local Penmac office for details.

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