Hiring During a Pandemic

How has hiring changed in 2020?

This year’s pandemic is affecting everything—including hiring. In January, unemployment rates were at all-time lows before rising steadily in recent months in the midst of the worldwide health crisis. So where are we today? Are there jobs out there? Are people ready to go to work? The answer is, as most answers are lately—it depends. Read below to learn how your company can navigate hiring during uncertain times.


Prepare for recruitment.

Depending on your industry, you might have workers knocking down your door, or you might be scrambling to find enough candidates to fill positions. Some businesses were forced to reduce hours or lay off employees, while other companies have ramped up operations. While unemployment and supplemental income from the federal government was a huge help for many families, it also made workers reluctant to apply for new employment. Many have also been worried about workplaces being safe, taking care of loved ones, and finding childcare during these changing times. Likely, you know where your business lands in this spectrum. If you’re struggling to find candidates, you might have to change what you’re doing—make sure you’re communicating to prospects what your company is doing to keep employees safe and healthy, consider offering hiring bonuses, and look into new avenues to advertise your openings.


Adjust your expectations.

2020 has brought about change in many ways, one of them being expectations. You might have to adjust your requirements for candidates. For instance, perhaps in the past you had positions that required a certain amount of experience. Is this a necessary requirement? Could you offer on-the-job training instead? Now, more than ever, you have people in one industry that were laid off but still need to make ends meet, that might be looking to switch industries. Former full-time employees might have needed to switch jobs to accommodate for childcare. Be open to new candidates, who might not be who you traditionally look for.


Change your hiring process.

In addition to eliminating unnecessary requirements, take some time to evaluate your hiring process. Do you have excessive steps that could be eliminated or streamlined? Can you simplify any of the paperwork? Is your application straightforward and easy to navigate? Can job seekers apply online? Consider narrowing down prospects with phone or video interviews before having them come in person.


Be an attractive place to work.

Regardless of if you’re having a hiring boom or not, you should strive to be an attractive place to work. As we have seen this year, so much can change so quickly—you want your business to be positioned well. Not only is being a desirable employer important when it comes to recruitment, but it’s critical when it comes to retention. It’s well-known that it’s better to retain employees that recruit new ones—it conserves training, boosts morale, increases company performance, and ultimately saves money. Now is a great time to evaluate your workplace—are you able to offer flexible schedules? Do you have any opportunities for staff to work away from the office? Are your wages competitive? Do you have a positive workplace culture?


There’s a lot to think about this year, especially if you’re running a company. If you’re looking to hire, but are anxious about growing your team during uncertain times, call your nearest Penmac office to talk about different staffing options. Staffing companies can take care of the recruitment, screening, and hiring process. It’s a great way to explore your staffing options without making significant business changes all at once.

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