Our Commitment to Take Action

Our motto of "We Place People First" applies to all people.

Penmac CEO Tim Massey sent this email to our in-house employees on June 3, 2020. We are sharing this publicly in order to be held accountable to our commitment to diversity and inclusion. If you have any feedback, please email our corporate HR team at [email protected] 

Dear Penmac team,

Recent events in America have yet again put a spotlight on an opportunity we all have to grow.

As millions of peaceful protestors have demonstrated, it is time to take action to end racist behaviors and policies that have plagued our nation for generations. The violent behaviors of a small number of rioters and looters do not negate the fact that change is needed. (Just like the violent actions of a few police officers do not negate the good that law enforcement does.)

While we may not feel we are racist as individuals, we cannot sit back and hope things improve. We must take action.

What actions will we take as Penmac employee-owners?

We will seek to understand. We will listen and learn with humility and an open mind. We will fully engage in Penmac-provided training on this topic, and seek to learn more on our own.

We will explore our own beliefs. We will face our own intrinsic biases and consciously work to change any biased ways of thinking and acting.

We will work hard every day to find the best people to go to work for our clients. We must treat all job seekers with compassion, and fairly evaluate them based on their experience and behavior, not their race or social status or gender or other personal traits.

We will not tolerate unfair hiring. If a client expresses any biased or bigoted preferences, we will not look the other way. We will share the value of diversity with them, but ultimately we will not do business with any company that uses biased hiring practices.

We will remember George Floyd and countless others like him.

This is not about politics. This is about our community. Our motto of “We Place People First” applies to all people, from every race, ethnicity, and culture. We know how wonderful it can be when we all work together as the Penmac family, and we will not let any biases keep anyone from experiencing that joy. We will do everything we can to create a more just society, and better serve our clients, job seekers, and employees.

In the words of our founder Patti Penny, “Treating every person who walks through our doors with respect is the most important thing you can do.”

Thank you all,

Tim Massey
Penmac Staffing

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