Need Health Insurance?

Penmac Employees can Enroll Today.

During these unstable times, Penmac Staffing is committed to taking care of the health and well-being of its employees. To make sure all employees have access to medical care they might need, Penmac is offering a special open enrollment to all current employees who are interested in health insurance. Between March 23 and April 5, 2020, Penmac Staffing employees can add or change their healthcare coverage.


All Penmac employees (regardless of full-time status) are automatically enrolled in the Insure Plus Basic coverage upon hire. Employees then have 30 days from the date of their first assignment to opt out of coverage and/or make changes to your coverage. New hires will still be automatically enrolled in coverage, but if you declined coverage when you started with Penmac, or missed open enrollment in January where you could change coverage options, you know have another opportunity to add or change your health benefits. You can use this open enrollment period to add dependents to your coverage, elect coverage options that offer virtual visits (Insure Plus or Insure Plus Enhanced Plan), or add optional benefits.


If you are already enrolled in Penmac’s health coverage, but are off assignment at this time, you can call Benefits in a Card to pay for 12 weeks of coverage, instead of the standard four weeks, in order to keep benefits active during this time.


Penmac is proud to partner with Benefits in a Card, giving you benefit plan options that deliver quality, cost-effective coverage along with the excellent customer service you deserve. To enroll, please call 800-497-4856 or visit


Plan Options Available to You:

  • Stay Healthy Plan (MEC)
  • Insure Plus Basic
  • Insure Plus Enhanced
  • Minimum Value Plan (MVPhd)


*Additional Optional Benefits:

  • Dental
  • Life
  • Vision
  • Accident
  • Critical Illness with Cancer Benefits
  • Short-term Disability
  • NEW! Behavioral Health

*Optional benefits can be elected without electing a medical plan.


For questions, please contact the Penmac Benefits department at [email protected] or 417-616-6331. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a very real and pressing issue impacting our nation. Penmac is trying to do all we can to help our employees gain the medical care they may need during these uncertain times.