Looking for Work? Penmac’s Hiring for Essential Businesses.

Learn what you can do to support businesses in your community.

As locations throughout the United States implement measures to slow the spread of coronavirus, more and more workers are being laid off. While these are stressful times for everyone, Penmac Staffing is working with other essential businesses to hire employees to ensure the continuity of essential business operations throughout the United States. If you’re looking for employment to make ends meet during these uncertain times, Penmac is hiring.


Is Penmac an essential business?

More and more locations are issuing stay-at-home orders, which results in non-essential businesses temporarily closing, and essential ones remaining open. While it varies by region, generally, essential businesses include things like health care services, gas stations, grocery stores, and similar companies. Penmac is considered essential because we provide staffing for other businesses which provide essential services and goods for our communities.


Penmac CEO Tim Massey emphasized the importance of these businesses. “Penmac continues to support our business partners that are engaged in critical and essential operations,” Massey stated. “Many of these clients are seeing a great need for additional resources, and people are an important component to that equation. Yes, we are hiring. As long as there is an ongoing concern related to critical operations, Penmac will continue to meet the labor expectations of our local client partners.”


What is Penmac doing to ensure the health and safety of its employees?

Penmac’s top priority is always the health and well-being of its employees. All Penmac Staffing office locations are open by appointment only in order to control foot traffic in the office and comply with social distancing guidelines. Penmac is asking CDC-recommended screening questions to all new applicants and associates accepting new assignments, to ensure employees aren’t a risk. Penmac and its business partners are following all health requirements laid out by local health departments and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as continually communicating with employees about the most current recommendations.


How do I apply?

If you’re interested in working with Penmac, complete the application online at penmac.jobs, and then call your local Penmac to let them know when your application is finished. We can help with most needs over the phone, but will schedule an appointment for those who need to come to the office to complete the hiring process.


Penmac Staffing always offers FREE help finding a job. We have a variety of work options and schedules available in a variety of industries. Penmac employees receive affordable health insurance options from day one, and long-term employees have stock and retirement options as well. If you’re a current Penmac employee, and missed your chance for health benefits, Penmac is having a special open enrollment from March 23-April 5 to make sure all staff has access to medical care during this uncertain time. To learn more about working with Penmac, give us a call today!


My business needs workers!

If you own or operate an essential business, Penmac can send you qualified, pre-screened workers right away. Please contact the manager of your local Penmac office to learn how we can help you continue your critical operations.