Five Summertime Workplace Tips

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Whether you’re looking for a job this summer, or if you’re already employed and need some on-the-job tips, Penmac is here to help. Check out the five articles below for some summertime workplace advice.


Job hunting is no picnic, but Penmac can help!

Picnics are a great summertime activity, but if you’re looking for work this summer, you may be too distracted to enjoy fun, seasonal activities. At Penmac, we understand that the job hunt can be stressful, which is why we offer job seekers free help finding a job. It sounds simple, but some job seekers are still confused about exactly how temp agencies work. Read this article to learn more about staffing.


Do job interviews make your head spin?

County fairs are in full swing—many of us have childhood memories of standing in line for a ride that looks both fun and intimidating, but somehow we work up the nerve to get on. Similarly, job hunting can take nerves of steel; when an employer calls you for an interview, you might feel like a kid again, both excited and anxious for what is to come. It’s natural to be nervous for an upcoming interview, but there are several things you can do to calm your nerves before and during an interview. Click to read more.


Five ways to beat the heat.

Learn how you can keep your cool on the job by clicking here to learn safety tips about working in the hottest months of the year. Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause serious illness, so if you’re one of the many individuals who work outside, make sure you know how to stay safe.


Why should you use your vacation days?

For many, summer indicates vacation season, yet a lot of American workers don’t use all of their vacation days. Some employees feel like they can’t take time off of work because they are too busy, or because they don’t believe that coworkers will be able to cover for them. Others feel like supervisors might reward those employees who don’t take vacation. The truth is, taking a vacation is good for both employees and for business. Read this article to learn the benefits.


What can vacation teach you about work?

Whether you’re headed to the beach, visiting relatives, or staying close to home, your vacation could offer you some wisdom you could use when you return to the workplace. Just as you must make reservations, pack, and travel to your destination before enjoying your relaxing break, you must also plan and work towards career goals in order to find employment success. Click to learn more.


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