Why Should I Substitute?

Enjoy the benefits of substituting, even if you aren’t in the education field.

Did you know that Penmac has a division called Education Staffing that partners with school districts to help with staffing substitute teachers? This offers substitutes a great opportunity to earn extra income while maintaining a flexible schedule. Penmac substitutes receive free training from veteran educators and have opportunities for professional development sessions throughout the year. Read below to learn about more of the benefits of substitute teaching.


Enjoy a flexible schedule.

You are in charge of when you work—work once a week, once a month, or once a semester! Already have a part-time job or take college classes in the morning? Substitute in the afternoon. Do you need to be home when the kids get out of school? Consider substitute teaching during the day.


Gain experience for your resume.

Not only will you be learning great new skills, but you will also have a well-known, established employer as part of your work history. Penmac Staffing was founded in 1988, and has employed tens of thousands of employees. You can substitute part-time or full-time, and even if your schedule isn’t consistent, you can still list Penmac as the employer for as long as you work for us.


Connect in the community.

Working in schools gives you the opportunity to become more connected to the community by meeting local educators and students.


Earn benefits.

Substitutes get paid weekly, and you control your paycheck! Work as little or as much as your schedule allows. Full-time substitutes are eligible for Penmac’s health and retirement benefits.


Work in your field.

If you’re going to college, you don’t have to be an education major to substitute teach. If you’re studying English, let Penmac know you’re interested in substituting in English classrooms. Are the college years behind you? Maybe you’ve been out of school for a while, but are interested in working in a particular field. For instance, perhaps you’re looking for a job in accounting. While you’re looking to find that perfect opportunity, you could substitute in math and accounting classes.


Ready to sign up?

Candidates must have 60 hours of ANY college credit in order to obtain a Missouri Substitute Certificate, and must also pass a background check. If you’re interested in learning more about the process of becoming a substitute teacher, visit www.penmac.com/teach or stop by your local office today.