Graduates can earn a $200 bonus!

Whether you’re looking for a summer job or want to make a career move, Penmac’s here to help!

Congratulations, new graduates! Graduation is a huge accomplishment, and to offer our congratulations and to help you get started in your first job after school, Penmac is offering a $200 bonus to all 2019 high school and college graduates. We understand that looking for and starting your first job can be an overwhelming process, and that you probably have a lot of questions. Penmac is here to help!


How do I earn the $200 bonus?

Visit and enter your information. Then you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to apply for a job for Penmac. Once you’ve applied and gotten a job at Penmac, you just have to complete 160 hours (that’s just four weeks!) of work with Penmac Staffing, and we’ll pay you a $200 bonus! It pays to graduate!


Why should I work at Penmac?

Whether you’re looking for a summer job or want to make a career move, Penmac Staffing works to connect job seekers to the area’s best employers. You just complete one application at, and it makes you eligible for dozens of different positions. Penmac’s services are FREE to job seekers and employees.


What if I don’t have any experience?

Penmac offers opportunities for job seekers of all skill levels. Some positions even train you on the job! While it’s great to consider what your dream job might be some day, sometimes you just need to earn some money while you grow your resume. Penmac’s a great place to start!


Do I need a resume?

A resume can be a great way to show employers that you are serious about your job search. Click here to read some commonly asked questions (and answers!) about writing your first resume. Penmac Staffing Specialists can also give great advice about what you should and shouldn’t include.


What should I expect in my first job?

Every job is different, but there are a few similarities across most positions. Click here to read lessons about your first job, or things school doesn’t teach you about work.


Regardless of whether you want a long-term position you can grow with, or if you just need a job to gain some experience, Penmac is here to help—and we’ll pay you for it! Sign up for the bonus today at, and then complete the application online at Feel free to call or stop by your local office with questions!