Need a Fresh Start?

Penmac can help you return to the workforce!

This week marks the start of spring. The days are getting longer and the weather will soon be warming up—it’s a great time to think about fresh starts! If you have been out of the workforce for a while, but are ready to get a new job, it can be intimidating, but there’s never a better time than the present! There are many reasons you may have been without employment for a while, but regardless of the reason, Penmac is here to help!


Taking Care of Family

Have you been staying home to raise young children or to take care of an aging parent or other family member? At Penmac, we know that individuals have a lot of obligations in their lives—not just employment, which is why we work hard to get to know each job seeker to make sure we find an opportunity that will fit their skills and schedule. As you create a resume and apply to positions, be sure to highlight all the skills you’ve been perfecting while away from the workforce. Did you volunteer in your children’s classroom, create a family budget, or take an evening class at a community college? Let potential employers know! During the interview you’ll get to explain why you haven’t been working—most people understand!


Serving in the Military

At Penmac, we are grateful for those who serve the country. As a staffing agency, we understand that reentering the workforce can be an overwhelming task, but we try to ease that process for veterans. We can help you translate your military skills into civilian terms, and give you tips on creating resumes and practicing interviews. Keep in mind that you have proven your work ethic in the service, and this makes you a highly valued potential employee.


Rebuilding Your Life

If you have a record, you might feel especially nervous about finding work again, but getting a job is an important part of re-building your life. Employment gives you purpose, a social network, and financial security. Having a criminal record might make job seeking more difficult for you, but it’s a problem you can overcome with a good attitude and the right approach. At Penmac, we hire for job opportunities at different companies, which means the hiring policy varies based on the requirements of each position. We welcome all job seekers to apply because we evaluate each applicant based on their unique situation and the requirements of specific positions.


Regardless of why you are looking for a job, our team of staffing specialists would love to meet you and learn how we can help! Call your local office today to learn more!