10 Workplace Resolutions

This year, resolve to do a great job at work!

2018 is coming to a close, and we’re getting ready to bring in the new year! As you gear up for 2019, consider some resolutions you could make in the workplace to make sure you’re doing an outstanding job.


  1. Commit to being on time. Do you have trouble making it out of the door in the morning? Try these ten tips to make sure you arrive punctually every day!
  2. Show up! It may seem obvious, but finding ways to improve attendance can go a long way at work. Employers can also try these tips for reducing employee absenteeism.
  3. Be positive. Sometimes the winter months can leave us feeling blue. When Sunday night rolls around, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the week ahead, but there are lots of ways to maintain a positive attitude.
  4. Work together. Make an effort to improve teamwork with your coworkers this year! Collaboration can boost morale and productivity!
  5. Practice gratitude. In 2019, be intentional about being grateful. Notice the things about your job that you love and try to show your appreciation.
  6. Reduce stress.While having some stress is an inevitable part of any job, you can learn ways to healthily manage your stress by saying no when you feel overwhelmed and recognizing signs of stress.
  7. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t be so afraid of failure that you don’t accept challenges and try new things. Making mistakes is how you learn and grow.
  8. Increase productivity. Being more productive at work doesn’t necessarily mean working longer hours or taking on more projects. Sometimes improving your attitude, or even taking advantage of a lunch break can make you more efficient.
  9. Build relationships. Most employees spend a significant amount of time with their coworkers. This year, focus on strengthening those relationships. If you work with people who you have trouble getting along with, try these tips.
  10. Love your job! A lot of us take work for granted, but this year, take a moment to think about how you feel about your job. Read this article about how you can appreciate work in 2019!


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