Showing Gratitude in the Workplace

Three ways employees and supervisors can show each other appreciation

Thanksgiving is the best way to start the holiday season, getting everyone in the mindset of gratitude. As we prepare for holiday festivities next week, it’s important to remember the things we are grateful for, both in and out of the workplace. While it’s good for employees and employers to show each other their appreciation throughout the year, the holidays are a great reminder to make sure we’re telling each other that we are thankful for their hard work. Below are three ways employees and employers can start doing that.


Work hard.

What employees can do: While it seems obvious, working hard and doing your best is an important part of being a good employee. By always doing your best, employees are showing their supervisors that they value their position and believe in helping their company succeed.

What employers can do: Employees aren’t the only ones who work hard. When executives and leaders work hard it sets an example for the team and shows that the business’s mission is valuable. It shows that everyone is part of a team and everyone is putting forth their best effort.


Express your appreciation.

What employees can do: Whether you say it, write it, or do it with your actions, let your supervisors (and coworkers!) know that you notice and value the role they play in your department.

What employers can do: When employees are doing well, praise them, whether by telling them verbally, sharing their accomplishments with the rest of the team, or rewarding them with a raise or promotion.


Build camaraderie.

What employees can do: Be respectful of others in the workplace. When we get along well with our coworkers and supervisors, the work day is much more enjoyable. Working as a team helps you get things done faster and fosters an atmosphere of appreciation.

What employers can do: Stay informed of what projects your team is working on and how well they work together. When necessary, reassign tasks, or jump in to help foster teambuilding.


Penmac is grateful to get to work with such dedicated employees and outstanding businesses throughout the year. If you’re looking for a job this season, stop by a Penmac office today!


All Penmac branches will be closed Thursday, November 22, for the Thanksgiving holiday.