Interview Tips for Veterans

Three things veterans can do to guarantee a great interview

This Sunday, November 11 is Veterans Day, a time set aside to honor our military. In addition to expressing our gratitude both to active and retired military, the team at Penmac Staffing wanted to share some tips for veterans looking for employment. The job search process can be overwhelming, regardless of who you are, but Penmac works to help support candidates through the process of looking for a position, creating resumes, applying, and sometimes most intimidating of all—interviewing.


If you’re a veteran and have been called in for an interview for a position you’ve applied for, congratulations! As you prepare for the interview, keep in mind the following tips that can help you land that new job!


  1. Practice talking about your skills.It can be hard to talk about yourself, so rehearse before your interview. Ask a friend to help you run through some of the commonly asked interview questions. Be sure to take some time to think about how the skills you acquired during your service would translate to a civilian job. Request a copy of the job description ahead of time so you know exactly what the employer is looking for, and how you could meet those requirements.


  1. Share how you can help the employer. While it’s natural to want to tell others why we need or want a specific opportunity, what employers want to hear is how you would help the company. Service members must be disciplined and hard workers. Share these positive qualities during your interview to let the hiring manager know how you could apply these attributes in the workplace.


  1. Stay calm. Interviews tend to make everyone anxious, but it can be particularly intimidating for someone who hasn’t been in the workforce for a while. Understanding that you aren’t alone can ease some of your nervousness. Being well prepared also helps. Do research about the business, practice your interview in advance, and prepare logistics (ex. getting directions, printing resumes, etc.) in advance.


Everyone at Penmac Staffing would like to extend a thank you to all the veterans! We appreciate your service!