Need a Change in Hiring Strategies?

This fall, Penmac can help you turn over a new leaf!

This month makes the first days of autumn, and for many businesses that means gearing up for a busy season ahead. Lots of employers ramp up operations early so they are ready when the busy holiday season arrives. As unemployment rates remain low, it is becoming more and more difficult to find workers. If your business is struggling to recruit, and is looking for a change in options when it comes to hiring, consider working with Penmac Staffing. Temp agencies can be a great resource during these seasonal peaks, and Penmac is ready to help!


There are many staffing agencies for businesses to choose from, but Penmac is unique. Penmac…

  1. remains true to its roots. We were founded in Springfield, Missouri in 1988, and the Ozarks’ values of hard work, quality character, and strong relationships are in our roots, and have been key to our growth to 35 branches in 9 states. Founder Patti Penny started Penmac to help create successful connections between job seekers and employers, and this goal is still the focus of the company. Patti is still active with Penmac as Chairwoman of the Board, and has a passion for helping others.
  2. is employee-owned.In 2010, the Penny family transferred ownership of Penmac to its employees through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan. It is now the largest employee-owned staffing agency in the United States. As part of an employee-owned company, we are committed to your success as an investment in our future.
  3. offers custom solutions.While many agencies specialize in serving just one industry or fill only specific jobs, Penmac serves a variety of industries, from manufacturing to professional, filling temp, long-term, and direct hire positions. Being employee-owned allows Penmac to tailor services to the specific, yet evolving needs of each customer.
  4. is flexible. Penmac adapts to meet the needs of its customer. Penmac has opened new branches to meet client needs, and even started a new division, Penmac Education Staffing, in 2014, when it saw that local schools needed help with substitute teacher programs.
  5. places people first. As the motto says, Penmac places people first. Not only does the company fill positions quickly, but it treats employees right by providing health and retirement benefits, and working hard to make sure employees are in a position that is a good fit. This improves retention and keeps both employees and businesses happy. Word of Mouth is Penmac’s most effective method of recruitment, thanks to the respect and opportunity we give employees.


If you’d like more information about the different staffing services that Penmac offers, email [email protected], or call your local Penmac office today.