Is Your Job Worth the Commute?

What can you do to make the most of your commute?

How far do you live from work? Are you considering accepting a job that isn’t close to home? Most of us have to deal with some sort of commute to work, whether it be short or long, but how much should the commute factor into your job satisfaction? There are several things to consider when thinking about how long of a commute you’re up for, and a few things you can do to make sure you’re making the most of your drive.


How to Determine if Your Job is Worth the Commute:

  • Decide how much you like your jobIf you have a job that you really enjoy, you’re probably willing to commute a little longer than you would be if you didn’t really like what you were doing. If you dread going to work each day and have a long commute on top of that, it’s probably time to look for a new opportunity!
  • Evaluate how you feel about driving. Do you like driving? Some people enjoy the opportunity to gear up for work or wind down from the day during the commute, and enjoy the ride to and from work. For others, driving is a hassle that only adds stress to the day.
  • Ask yourself if your commute will affect job performance. Do you have trouble being punctual? Do you have a busy schedule? Let’s face it—even if you enjoy driving and love your job, a commute takes valuable time out of your day. Are you able to spare time before and after work and still be on time to work and make it to other appointments?
  • Learn if there are other opportunities. If you’re on the fence about whether or not your commute is worth it, explore if there are other employment opportunities that are a good fit for you. If your current job seems to be the best fit, you may just need to figure out some ways to make your commute more enjoyable. (See below.)


How to Make the Most of Your Commute:

  • Set the tone for your day. On your way to work, take time to think through what you have going on that day. Set your goals for the day and brainstorm projects. Driving can be a great time to do some creative problem solving without the pressure of an immediate deadline. Your commute can give you a chance to mentally prepare for work.
  • Reflect and wind down. On your way home from work, reflect on your day. Being in the car by yourself can give you time to make that transition from your work mindset to your home mindset. Listen to some music or enjoy a few moments of calm and quiet.
  • Learn. Do you have something you’re interested in, but never had the time to learn about it? Have you always wished you read more but could never find enough hours in the day? Audio books and podcasts are a great way to pass the time in the car!
  • Be prepared.While a commute is a great way to prepare yourself for the day, it’s also important to prepare for your commute. It helps to organize yourself the night before so you aren’t running late in the morning when you need to leave. Anticipate traffic delays, as they are bound to happen. For this reason, don’t leave last-minute tasks for work in the morning, because there’s always a chance you might be running behind.


If you’re looking for an employment opportunity closer to where you live, call your local Penmac office today. (Our Springfield, MO branch even offers van service for employees who need a ride to work!)