Is Your Excitement for Work Starting to Fizzle?

Read here to learn ways you can motivate yourself at work.

Many lucky workers get the day off for the Fourth of July, and it doesn’t come any time too soon! These hot summer days can start to feel long and tedious. If this feeling sounds familiar to you, you might feel like you’re stuck in a slump at work. How can you motivate yourself to keep working hard this time of year? Read below for some tips.


  1. Get inspired by other hard workers. If you surround yourself with a team of people who are dedicated and industrious, it will be easier for you to motivate yourself. We’re easily influenced by our peers, so if they’re also struggling to stay on task, it will make it even harder for you to feel motivated. Find coworkers whose work ethic you admire, and spend the most time around them.
  2. Create a schedule. Sometimes the hardest part of the job is figuring out when and where to start. It helps if you make a list in order of priority. Then put it on your calendar. You can even schedule breaks and a stopping point, so you have a specific start and end time.
  3. Remind yourself of the reason behind the tasks. Why do you do your job? If you’re passionate about what you do and the mission of the company, it will be easy for you to find reasons to put your heart in your work. If your job is more of a way to make ends meet, that can be motivating, too. Remind yourself of the paycheck you’re making that will help you pay for groceries, rent, and those other essentials.
  4. Just start. When you think about a task for too long, it may start to seem overwhelming. If you just get started, then it will get easier. You’ll notice that you’re already making progress even if you’re just taking one step at a time. Tell yourself it’s okay to start small; you have to start somewhere!
  5. Reward yourself. Even if you haven’t completely finished a project, reward yourself for working hard. Maybe you finished an especially grueling task. Allow yourself to take a small break or go out to lunch with some coworkers. Sometimes knowing you’re making progress can be a reward in itself.


If you still find yourself having trouble being motivated at work, maybe it’s time to look for a new position. If you’re looking for work, stop by your local Penmac office to spring into your job search.


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