What is Your Dream Job?

Consider what your ideal job would look like.

Graduates are finishing up the last days of school and preparing to enter the workforce. As students consider their future and think about what their dreams are, it’s also a good time to think about our own dreams—both personal and employment goals. At Penmac, we know that employment plays a vital role in each person’s life—not only is it a source of income, but often, work is where we spend the majority of our waking hours. Take a moment this week to consider what your dream job would be.


It’s common to ask kids about what they want to be when they grow up—their dream job, in other words. Many kids want to be athletes, astronauts, or doctors, but often that changes as we get older. Your dream job may no longer be a specific career in a certain industry, but instead becomes a combination of things about a job, such as work environment, salary, flexibility, etc. Human resource managers will often ask about your dream job in an interview? Consider what the question means to you.


A dream job won’t be the same for everyone. Each person has different values and interests that will influence what a dream job means for him or her. For instance, consider what you value most in a job. Maybe you have young children at home; flexibility might be the most important aspect of a job to you. For others, salary could be a priority. Do you need a position where you can be creative? Is routine important? Take these things into consideration when thinking about your dream job.


You may find a job that meets your values—it’s the perfect schedule, salary, etc.—but it’s not something you’re interested in. While we can’t all be astronauts, there’s definitely a balance you need to find in employment. Find a job where you can do what you’re good at and are interested in that is also in line with your values. You will be happier and more productive if you find a position where you can do something you enjoy each day.


If you’re still not sure what your ideal position would look like, temp work is a great way to explore different fields and industries to find out what sorts of work you really enjoy. Not only that, but if you find a temp job that you really like, there’s a chance you could be hired on permanently. Temp work allows you to gain skills and experience, while also giving you the opportunity to get your foot in the door at great companies. As we think about ways to explore dream jobs, consider giving back to your community. Volunteering at local organizations can help you learn more about jobs you might be interested in, while also helping others.


Feel free to contact your local Penmac office for some tips on how you can get started looking for your dream job. 2018 graduates who start at Penmac are eligible for a $200 bonus after you work your first 160 hours! Sign up at penmac.com/2018grad.