$200 Bonus for New Graduates!

Are you just out of school and need a job? Penmac can help!

Penmac is offering all 2018 graduates a $200 bonus to help you get started in your first job after graduation! We know that looking for work can feel like an overwhelming process—resumes, applications, interviews—it’s hard to know where to start, especially if it is your first time starting a job search. At Penmac, it’s our job to help you find your job! So, where should you start? Keep reading!


  1. Decide what you’re looking forWhat are you interested in and good at? Are you looking for part-time or full-time work? Are you interested in a job that could turn into a career, or do you just want to try out a few different things to see what you’re interested in?
  2. Create a resumeIf you’re just entering the workforce, it’s okay if your resume focuses on school honors, extracurriculars, and volunteer Just be sure it looks professional, and have a friend proofread it.
  3. Find references. Most employers will ask for you to list references on your application. Click here to learn how you can choose a good job reference.
  4. Search for jobs. Start hunting! You can look online through online job boards and social media. Talk to friends who might know of openings, or visit your local Penmac Staffing!
  5. Apply for jobs. Once you’ve found some opportunities that sound like they would be a good fit, start filling out those applications! Be sure you are honest.
  6. Interview. After putting in a few applications, you’re bound to get called in for an interview. Read here to learn what you should bring to an interview, which questions you should ask, and what you should avoid.
  7. Follow-up.After your interview, be sure to send a thank you note or email to let the interviewer know you appreciated his or her time and are interested in the position. Be sure you’re especially proactive during this stage in your job search.
  8. Start your new job!Be sure you make a good impression on your first day of work.


If that all feels like a lot to you, let Penmac help! That’s what we’re here for. Some job seekers are nervous about working with a temp agency because they don’t fully understand it. What we do is connect job seekers with the area’s local businesses to find them employment. Candidates can come into our office and fill out one application that makes them eligible for dozens of different jobs at different companies. A staffing specialist will work with you to find out exactly what sort of an opportunity you are looking for. While we have temporary positions that are great for those just looking to gain experience, we also offer long-term positions for candidates who are looking for something more permanent.


To help you get started in your first job after graduation, Penmac will pay you a $200 bonus after you complete your first four full-time weeks on the job. Sign up at penmac.com/2018grad!