Feeling Green With Envy for Someone Else’s Job?

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Is the green-eyed monster paying you a visit this St. Patrick’s Day? It’s easy to occasionally feel like the grass is greener on the other side, but how do you get over this feeling of jealousy? At work, you may feel jealous of coworkers. Maybe someone gets a promotion you thought you deserved or maybe you just think someone else’s position looks more enjoyable than your own. There’s always going to be someone who seems to have a better job, makes more money, etc. How should you cope with these feelings of envy?


Recognize the feeling is natural.

First, accept that everyone gets jealous. While we all know we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, it’s a normal reaction. Acknowledge how you feel and don’t make yourself feel guilty about initially feeling a bit jealous. Usually, envy is an emotional reaction that happens without much logic. If you can recognize this, you’ll be able to get over the feeling more easily.


Be compassionate.

Maybe even after that gut reaction of jealousy, you still feel envious of someone else’s job or situation. It might truly seem like it’s not fair that you didn’t get a raise, but your coworker who is only at the office half as much as you did get a raise. Just remember that you don’t have the whole picture. Perhaps your coworker is working from home. Or, maybe your coworker wasn’t making much money to begin with, and should have gotten an increase in wages years ago. Try to turn your jealousy into kindness, because very rarely do we know the whole story.


Practice gratitude.

Refocus your envy into something healthier. Instead of thinking about the things you don’t have, try thinking about the things you do have. Be grateful for your job, your income, and your benefits. Recognize that many people aren’t as fortunate as you are. Try thinking of ways you can enjoy your own successes, both little and big.


Be inspired.

If you are always feeling like the grass is always greener on the other side, maybe it’s time to take action. While occasional envy is natural, if you always find yourself feeling jealous of those around you, do something about it. Redirect your jealousy to motivate you to think about your own goals. Could you be doing something more in your job? Is it time for a career change? Do you need to talk with your supervisor about new goals? Be proactive.


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