Feel Like You Fooled the Hiring Manager?

It’s common to feel unqualified when starting a new job.

Have you recently started a new job, and are worried you’re in over your head? You might start thinking that the company made a mistake when they hired you. This fear is common among new workers. Sometimes called “imposter syndrome,” this feeling that you don’t really deserve the position you’re in can make you feel like you’re playing an April Fool’s trick on your new supervisor. How can you get over this feeling?


Recognize that the feeling is natural when starting a new job.

Keep reminding yourself that new jobs can be overwhelming to everyone. Even if you have experience in the industry, every position and company have things specific to them that you will have to learn. It would be more troubling if you started a new job and felt like you already knew everything there was to know. There’s always something new to learn; just give yourself a few weeks to get the hang of things.


Remind yourself you were hired for a reason.

Human resource professionals are good at their jobs. They spend time looking through resumes, checking references, and interviewing. If they selected you out of dozens of applicants, it’s probably because they’re confident that you’re the best person for the job. Unless you lied on your application, there’s a good chance that you have the right skills and experience for the job. You’re probably being harder on yourself than you need to be. Don’t forget that others are confident in your abilities and hired you for a reason.


Tell yourself that challenges are good.

It may take a while for you to figure things out in your new position, but being challenged is what helps us grow. If you automatically knew how to do everything on the first day of a new job, you might find yourself quickly becoming bored. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, learn new tasks, and meet a new team. Your experience in your new position will likely make you an even better employee in the future.


Everyone doubts themselves occasionally, but just give yourself some time to adjust and settle into the new job. If you do your best, keep an open mind, and are willing to ask questions and learn new things, you will begin to feel at home in your position. For more workplace tips, visit the Penmac blog.