Five Signs You Love Your Job

This Valentine’s Day, consider your true feelings about work.

Do you love your job? This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to consider how you really feel about the work you do each day. Maybe you haven’t thought about it much, but considering how much time most people spend in the workplace it’s smart to evaluate if you truly enjoy your job, or if maybe it’s time you start hunting for a new job that you would really love. Read below for five signs that you already love the job you’re in. 

1. Time flies!

If you don’t spend the majority of your day watching the minutes pass on the clock, chances are you’re engrossed in your work. Time seems to go by more quickly if you’re continually occupied and focused on your tasks. This likely means that you’re enjoying what you’re working on.

2. You’re always doing more.

When the supervisor is looking for someone to take on a new project, you volunteer instead of hoping you aren’t chosen. If you get excited about new assignments and love learning new things, that’s a good sign that you enjoy your work.

3. You’re reminded of work when you aren’t there.

Unlike dreading work on a Sunday night, you think positively of your job even when you aren’t working. You might brainstorm new work solutions while you’re in the shower, or be reminded of a project you’re working on in a positive way. 

4. You don’t complain.

If you’re in doubt about whether or not you love your job, your friends and family might know. How we talk about work when we’re not there can indicate our true feelings. If you’re generally positive when you’re talking about work, that’s a good sign! 

5. You enjoy the people you work with.

Getting along with your supervisor and coworkers contributes a lot to job satisfaction. If you respect your manager and enjoy being around the people you work with, you’re probably pretty happy at work. 


If you love your job, congratulations! You’re likely more productive at work and just generally happy. If you find that you aren’t extremely passionate about your position, click here for ways you could try to love your job more. Or, if you’re really unhappy, stop by your local Penmac office and talk to one of our staffing specialists about finding a new job.