Include Temps in Your Holiday Festivities

Consider these five things when planning your party.

‘Tis the season for festive celebrations. Work celebrations are common this time of year, and are a great way to praise and reward your team for their hard work. If you’re planning on having a party at your workplace, make sure you consider how your temporary employees will be included on the fun. Read below for five things to consider when preparing your festivities.


  1. Involve the staffing agency. If you’re unsure about what is an appropriate way to include temps in your festivities, check with the staffing agency. They generally have experience with this, and may be able to give you holiday suggestions that other businesses have tried. This way, you can be sure there won’t be any conflicts of interest. If you work closely with a representative from the staffing agency, you could consider inviting that person to your celebration, too. This is a great way to extend your appreciation, as well as make your temps feel more included.
  2. Foster team building. Including temps in your workplace events promotes team building. If temps feel excluded from activities that the rest of the team is participating in, they might feel a sense of rejection. Teamwork, on the other hand, boosts productivity, improves employee engagement, and creates a positive work culture. A holiday party is a great way to get your whole team together!
  3. Retain your employees. While you’re probably always thinking of retention ideas for your permanent team, you may want to start thinking about keeping your temps around. Even though the nature of a temp position is that it’s temporary, occasionally you may encounter a temporary employee that is a hard worker that you would like to eventually hire permanently if an opportunity becomes available. Or, if your work is more seasonal, consider building solid relationships with your temporary staff so they return each year, and recommend your jobs to others.
  4. Educate your permanent staff about the value of temps. Make sure you avoid any potential holiday tension between your long-term employees and your temporary ones. Your permanent team may feel threatened by having new staff around unless you explain that they are there to help with the workload during the busier time of year. Encourage your team to include temporary staff in activities and treat them respectfully.
  5. Make sure your celebration is relevant to everyone. Some businesses use their holiday parties as a place to announce raises, pass out bonus checks, or distribute gifts. If your temps are not affected by these things, don’t announce them at the holiday party. Do this privately when it’s just your permanent team. Or, feel free to include temps on the holiday gift list so they don’t feel excluded.


If you have more questions about celebrating the holidays at work, click here to read this blog post about things you should think about before making a plan. Everyone at Penmac wishes you a happy holiday season!