Stop Bad Work Habits Cold Turkey

This holiday season, try improving these five habits.

At Penmac, the workplace is never far from mind, even on the holidays. As Thanksgiving approaches, you might be getting ready for family gatherings and a delicious meal, but it’s never a bad time to also think about how you can be a better employee. Read below to see if you have any of these bad habits, and learn how you can stop them cold turkey.


  1. Being Late – Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Or maybe you work a later shift, but somehow you can’t manage to get out the door in time to make it to work. If you struggle with being punctual, try planning your day a little differently. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, shorten your morning routine, and anticipate delays like traffic, spilled coffee, and things you can’t always prevent. Give yourself a few extra minutes before you have to leave.
  2. Lying – Whether you’re filling out a job application, reporting your work hours, or talking to a supervisor make sure you’re always being honest. It might be tempting to skirt the truth sometimes, especially if it seems like it’s something small, like a reason you’re absent or an excuse about a deadline you’ve missed. Employers will notice discrepancies, and value integrity in employees. Make it a habit to practice honesty.
  3. NegativitySupervisors and coworkers alike will quickly get tired of someone who always has a bad attitude. If you catch yourself continually complaining, make an effort to improve your attitude. Your employer and coworkers will appreciate it if you are polite, positive, and a good team player that does his or her part.
  4. Indifference – Are you passionate about your job, or are you always watching the clock waiting for it to be time to leave? Others can tell if you don’t care about your job. If you’re always answering personal phone calls at work, if you don’t contribute to team projects, and if you’re always procrastinating or failing to meet deadlines, your supervisor and coworkers will notice. Try taking on more projects you care about and take pride in your work. If you can’t, it might be time to start thinking of a new position.
  5. Poor communication – Are you known in the office as the person who never responds to emails or answers the phone? It’s your responsibility as an employee to make sure you’re communicating well with coworkers and supervisors—many times, it’s impossible to do a job without communicating! When you do work with others, make sure what you are saying is clear and easy to understand. You may have to slow down for a moment to make sure you are articulating your message in a way that makes sense to others.


Thanksgiving is a good time to think about what we’re grateful for. At Penmac, not only are we grateful for our employees, but we’re also thankful to have jobs that we love where we get to help people each day. One way to express gratitude at work is to make sure we are working hard and developing good habits each day.