Making a List and Checking It Twice

All I want for Christmas is a job!

Shopping, family festivities, preparing delicious treats—there’s a lot to keep you busy during the holiday season. If you’re looking for work on top of all your other obligations, you might be feeling a bit distracted. At Penmac, the job search process is part of our business, and we’re here to help. This Christmas, you can stay in the festive spirit, while also hunting for a new employment opportunity.


  1. There’s no time like the present! It might be tempting to wait for the new year to start your job search, but why wait? Many businesses are actually less busy this time of year, and fewer job seekers are out hunting for jobs. Decide on the type of position you’re looking for, think about the companies where you might like to work, and start submitting those applications!
  2. The more, the merrier! Looking for work is easier when you have a support system. December is a great month for networking Also don’t be afraid to call on friends to help proofread your resume, help you practice your interview, and offer general encouragement. (Then, be sure to offer your gratitude to everyone who lends a hand!)
  3. Don’t get cold feet! Once you’ve submitted some applications, there’s a good chance you’ll get a call for an interview. While interviews can feel scary, just tell yourself to chill out and be yourself. Remind yourself that the reason you got offered an interview is because the employer was interested in your skills and qualifications.
  4. ‘Tis the season! If you’re struggling to find your perfect position, try not to get frustrated. Consider accepting a seasonal position during the holidays to gain more experience and earn some extra money. Sometimes the job search process takes a little longer than we would like, but your persistence will pay off. Instead of having a “Bah humbug!” attitude, stay positive and confident that you’ll find a position right for you.
  5. Be there with bells on! Eventually, you’ll get hired at a great company. You’ll be able to relax now that you’ve found that perfect position, but you’ll still want to put work into making a great impression and being a great employee.


While others are relaxing during December, you’ll be getting ahead of the game by staying on top of your job search. Many employers are looking to hire for the start of the new year, and you’ll be ready. If you need more job search tips, or would like some help finding the position that meets your needs, call your local Penmac branch today!