Job Search Tips for Veterans

Happy Veterans Day from Penmac Staffing!

This Saturday, November 11 is Veterans Day, a time set aside to honor both active and retired military. At Penmac, we are grateful for those who serve the country. As a staffing agency, we understand that reentering the workforce can be an overwhelming task, but we try to ease that transition both for veterans, and for other job seekers. If you’re a veteran and are starting the job search process, read below for some tips.


Ease into the job search process.

Instead of immediately jumping into your job search, take some time to prepare yourself for the process. Recognize that finding a job can be a daunting task, and may take some time and effort. If you recognize that in the beginning that you might not get immediate results, you’ll be less stressed if you find that the process takes more than a couple weeks. The military typically offers programs that help you transition to civilian life; take advantage of these classes. Start thinking about how your skills and experience would translate into a job, and what sorts of careers you might enjoy.


Develop a support system.

As with anything, it helps if you have people who can help. Consider finding a mentor that understands your background and has had a similar experience. It’s helpful to have someone who has already been through the process you’re about to start so you can ask questions and get advice. Connect with local military organizations either in person or online. Networking is a great way to start a job search. You can also connect with job centers and staffing agencies; they will be familiar with area employers and their requirements. They can also be a good place to start if you’re not sure which field you want to work in, and would like to try out a few jobs first.


Start applying!

Once you feel like you’re ready to start the job hunt, develop a resume and start filling out applications. Be sure to translate your military skills and positions to civilian terms so they are easily understandable to those without a military background. Have a civilian friend proofread for you to make sure they can understand. As you apply, make sure you follow hiring procedures—some companies have online applications; others prefer you apply in person. Be proactive throughout your job search, following up with businesses, sending thank you notes after interviews, and keeping a positive attitude. While you might not get the first job you apply to, your persistence will eventually pay off!


For more job searching tips, or for help finding a position that’s a good fit for you, call your local Penmac office today! Happy Veterans Day!