Five Reasons We’re Grateful for You!

Penmac is grateful to work with such amazing businesses.

This time of year gives us a great opportunity to pause and reflect on the things in our life we’re grateful for. Here at Penmac Staffing, we’re grateful for the opportunity to work in local communities every day. We love working with such dedicated employees—read more about why we think our team is so awesome here—but we are also extremely fortunate to work with great businesses across the nation. We’re grateful for our clients for many reasons, but here are the top five reasons.


  1. Penmac clients help the community. Penmac works with businesses across the nation, but the one thing they all have in common is that they make our local communities better places. Businesses keep the economy going, provide jobs, and contribute to local causes.


  1. Penmac clients treat employees well. When Penmac is recruiting candidates to work for our business clients, we feel good about sending our staff there. Our clients care about employees and treat them well, often even hiring them on as their own employees.


  1. Penmac clients are great team players. While Penmac loves to help with staffing and HR solutions, we couldn’t do it without the help of our clients. In order to find the candidates that are perfect for a position, we have to understand your company needs, expectations, and cultures. We are grateful to have such wonderful partnerships with our clients.


  1. Penmac clients work hard. The businesses we work with are from a variety of industries—from manufacturing to hospitality, healthcare, and more—but they all work hard to do their best. At Penmac, we respect companies with such a dedicated work ethic.


  1. Penmac clients offer quality goods and services. At Penmac, our team loves getting to learn more about companies we do business with. Often, we get to tour factories, sample products, or learn something we never knew. These businesses are working hard to provide our towns and cities with the goods and services we need.


Thank you to all of our business clients, and your partnership throughout the year! Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Penmac Staffing!


To allow employees to spend time with their families, Penmac offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 16, 2017.