How to Choose Between Two Jobs

Consider these factors when making your decision.

If you’re in the position of having to choose between multiple job offers, congratulations! Your employment search has paid off! Even though you’re lucky to have options and a potential job lined up, it can still be a tough decision. How do you decide between two opportunities? What things should you consider when making your choice?



While different company benefits may certainly play a role in your decision, the biggest factor is the job itself. Look closely at each job description. Is the job something you are qualified for and enjoy? Don’t just think about the big picture, but try to visualize what your day-to-day would look like. Are those daily tasks something you can get excited about? While more vacation time at one job might be a perk, what you do on all of those other non-vacation days throughout the year will play a bigger role in your overall job satisfaction.



Do you know much about your potential employers? What sort of reputation do they have? If possible, try to find employees and get their perspective. You can learn a little from job descriptions and websites, but you’ll get a better idea of what the companies are really like by talking to the people who work there. Ask them how they feel about company values, the culture, job perks, and more.



One job might offer a higher salary, but the benefits might not be as good. Or, one position may initially offer better pay, but there isn’t as much potential for future raises. Make sure to analyze all aspects of salary and other job perks instead of just comparing them at face value. For instance, don’t just take for granted that both employers offer insurance. Take some time to look at the specific policies to see how they compare to each other. Also consider nontangible perks, such as flexibility in the schedule, your potential coworkers, and what your daily work commute would look like. Remember, often employers won’t offer you specific information until they propose a job offer; be sure not to ask too many questions too early in the application process.



Which job can you see yourself in in the future? Or, is one of the positions a good way to get your foot in the door at a company you love? Ask if there is room for advancement in the company. If you know someone who works there, ask them how often the company promotes from within. Do the positions both offer you opportunities to learn new skills and grow professionally?


While each of these factors will play a role in your decision making, remember that each person is different. What one person values may not be the same as someone else. What matters to you? If you have young kids at home, you might put a greater emphasis on flexibility. Or, if you love to travel, vacation time might be more important to you. Evaluate your priorities before making a decision. For more tips about employment, check out other articles in the Penmac blog.