What Work Option is Right for You?

Take this quiz to find out what type of job is best for you.

Are you looking for a long-term career? Or, maybe you just need a short-term assignment to help make ends meet or fill in the gap until your next opportunity. Either way, Penmac Staffing can help find the type of job right for you. If you’re seeking employment to meet your unique needs, but aren’t sure what is the best option for you, take this quiz to find out.


  1. Which statement best describes how you feel about your daily schedule?
    • A.  My schedule’s pretty predictable, but I don’t want to commit to anything unless I’m really sure about it.
    • B.  I thrive on routine, and appreciate knowing exactly what the future holds.
    • C.  My schedule’s always changing; it’s difficult to commit to anything long-term.
  2. Select the choice that most summarizes your views on routine.
    • A.  I could get used to doing the same thing every day if it was something I enjoyed.
    • B.  Knowing what to expect on a job is important to me.
    • C.  I enjoy doing different things each day, and would get bored without variety.
  3. Choose the option that represents your thoughts about financial security.
    • A.  Money is important to me, but I’m not willing to do a job I don’t like.
    • B.  I follow a budget, and get stressed out if I don’t know where my next paycheck is coming from.
    • C.  I don’t worry about where every penny is coming from; I know things will work out.
  4. Pick the sentence about relationships that you can identify with most.
    • A.  Meeting new people is great, but I also want to eventually develop long-term friendships.
    • B.  I am most comfortable working with people I’ve known for a long time.
    • C.  I love meeting new people, and get along easily with others.
  5. Which statement best represents your perspective on learning new things?
    • A.  I do especially well at tasks I enjoy.
    • B.  I like to perfect tasks by gaining lots of experience in one field.
    • C.  I learn quickly, and am not intimidated by having to do something I’m unfamiliar with.


Mostly A’s- Temp-to-Hire

Temp-to-hire assignments let applicants try a position before deciding if it’s a good fit. This type of job is best for job seekers who are dedicated and reliable, but want to make sure they find a job that is right for them. Temp-to-hire positions let you work at a company for several months so you can get to know the company, your coworkers, and the position before you decide if it’s the place for you.


Mostly B’s- Long-Term

Long-term assignments can offer months or years of stability. If you value the benefits that come from working with a company for many years, a long-term assignment may be the solution for you. With this option, applicants are placed in positions that are a good fit for skills and schedule, and often have more options for employment benefits and stability.


Mostly C’s- Temporary

Temporary assignments are ideal for job seekers who need flexibility. If your schedule is continually changing and you love trying new things, this is the work option for you. Maybe you need to work first shift this week, but want different hours next week. Perhaps you need to earn some extra money while you’re looking for your ideal career. This position can make sure you get to work right away!