Why Do You Want This Job?

Learn how to answer this commonly asked interview question.

When you get offered an interview, you’re one step closer to getting that job. While exciting, it can also be an intimidating experience. Calm your nerves by preparing and practicing some of the most commonly asked interview questions in advance. One of the toughest, and maybe one of the most important is “Why do you want this job?” Are you prepared to answer this one? Read below for some things you should consider when constructing your response.


Talk about the company.

While on the surface it may seem like the question is about you, it’s not entirely. The interviewer is probably not asking the question to learn how the job could benefit you, but rather how you could perform well in the job. This question is a great chance to demonstrate that you’ve done your research. Mention things you know about the company, such as that they’ve got a strong reputation in the industry and you would be privileged to work with a leading business that cares so much about quality products.


Talk about the job.

Again, show that you’re informed. Consider the job description you read; what made you apply to it? Did you think your skills and qualifications would fit well with those listed in the description? Say that. This is the perfect opportunity for you to emphasize your credentials. Depending on the position, you could say something like, “I noticed that this job requires an ability to multitask. With my five years working in manufacturing, I feel like this position would be a great match for me.”


Be enthusiastic.

If you’re excited about the job opportunity, make sure it shows. If your answer is too generic, and you say something like, “I want this job because it’s great,” then you miss an opportunity to show your passion for your company and the job itself. Another thing you should avoid is talking about how you want the job because you need money or because it is close to your house. Instead, focus on your enthusiasm about what you could bring to their business.


It’s generally a good idea to practice or at least think about possible interview questions before your scheduled date. Don’t memorize specific answers, but make sure you’ve researched the company and have a thorough knowledge of what the position entails. Visit the Penmac blog for more interview tips and a list of things you should bring to your next interview.