How to Get Rid of the Sunday Night Blues

Are you one of the 76% of Americans that dread the approaching work week?

Most Americans spend the work week looking forward to Friday when they’ll be able to enjoy the weekend… until Sunday comes. According to a survey done by job search website, 76% of workers say they get the “Sunday night blues,” that feeling of dread for the upcoming work week before it even begins. Sound familiar? Read below for some tips on how you can try to get rid of your Sunday night blues.


Don’t save chores for Sunday.

Often, we tend to wait until Sunday to run errands, clean, and do other chores. So not only is Sunday the day before a long work week; it’s often filled with the least fun tasks of the weekend. Try getting some of your chores out of the way ahead of time so you don’t have to think about them on Sunday. Then, make it a point to do something enjoyable on Sunday. Plan a family get-together, watch football, or something else that will make you look more forward to Sundays.


Have things to look forward to.

Instead of saving all of your fun activities for the weekend, consider planning some during the workweek. If you have something other than work and meetings during the week, Sunday evening may seem less daunting. See if a friend can meet for a midweek lunch, plan an after-work massage, or other enjoyable activity that you might usually save for the weekend.


Figure out what you’re dreading.

If Sundays have you feeling down, think about what specifically is making you dread the next day of work. Once you figure out what it is, try to alleviate those issues. Feeling overwhelmed about the piles on your desk Monday morning? Take some time on Friday afternoon to organize and make a list for Monday. Have a bad morning commute? Try leaving at a different time or finding a podcast or playlist you enjoy.


Stay positive.

Try to refocus your negative thoughts to think about the positive parts of your job. Remind yourself of the last project that you really enjoyed, a compliment you received from a coworker, or your favorite part about your job. Develop relationships with your coworkers; friendships can enrich day-to-day life at work and help to improve your attitude.


Figure out which things work best for you and use them to make sure you’re using your weekends to rest and recharge, so when Sunday rolls around you don’t dread going into work the next day. For more tips on how you can be successful at work, talk to a staffing specialist at your local Penmac office.