Penmac Provides Substitutes to Wright City R-II and Warren County R-III Schools

Penmac Education Staffing expands to new districts.

Penmac Provides Substitutes to Wright City R-II and Warren County R-III Schools

Penmac Staffing has partnered with Wright City R-II and Warren County R-III Schools to provide substitute teachers, effective for the 2017-2018 school year.


Penmac Education Staffing started its substitute teacher program in 2013, and has since grown to provide services to more than a dozen districts, and is still growing. This substitute teacher program not only assists school districts in recruiting, screening, training, and managing qualified substitute teachers and paraprofessionals, but will also ensure district compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Those who are interested in subbing for Wright City R-II or Warren County R-III Schools should apply with Penmac Staffing. Candidates can call (636) 243-8900 for more information. Those interested in substitute teaching can also visit to apply. A Missouri Substitute Certificate is required. All substitute teachers are eligible for Penmac’s health insurance; full-time substitutes will also qualify for retirement benefits. Penmac Education Staffing uses Frontline Absence Management (formerly Aesop), an online substitute management program that allows substitute teachers to specify availability, set assignment preferences, and communicate with classroom teachers.


The Penmac office in St. Peters is excited to partner with the school districts. Education Coordinator Lindsey Morris has begun the process of rolling over current active substitutes for Wright City R-II and Warren County R-III Schools, and looks forward to working with the districts. Morris holds her M.Ed. in Educational Technology, B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, and has four years of classroom experience.


“We are excited to be partnering with the Wright City R-II and Warren County R-III teams in providing high quality substitute teaching services,” Dr. Pam Hedgpeth, Director of Penmac Education Staffing, said. “Penmac focuses on ensuring a well-trained, instructionally focused substitute for teachers when they must be out of the classroom. Instructional time is precious, and it is the mission of Penmac Education Staffing to provide children a rigorous, relevant day of instruction even when their teacher has to be away.”


Penmac Education Staffing will take care of recruiting qualified candidates, completing National, State, and County background checks, education verification, references, drug screens, and any other customized solutions tailored to a district’s specific needs. Penmac skilled professionals take care of the hiring and orientation processes as well. Substitute teachers are provided training and support at the classroom level. For more information, visit