Are You Up to Speed About Your Career?

Learn what NASCAR can teach you about work.

Race fans everywhere are looking forward to the Daytona 500 this Sunday. As you cheer for your favorite drivers and enjoy the fun of NASCAR season, you might notice some similarities between racing and work. What can NASCAR teach you about jobs and your career path?


You have to qualify to race.

Drivers must perform well in a lot of races before they qualify to even participate in the Daytona 500; not just anyone can participate. The same is true in the workplace. You have to have skills and experience that match the position you’re applying for. If you work in the transportation industry, you would want to have training before switching to work in a different field. If a business hires you, it means that the employer believes you have the talents necessary to succeed.


Green flag!

The stands are packed, the national anthem plays, and everyone waits in anticipation to hear, “Start your engines!” Beginnings are exciting for everyone, whether you’re part of the crowd waiting for a big race, or if you’re starting a new position. New jobs are filled with potential—it’s the opportunity for a fresh start. You get to learn new tasks and meet new people. The trick is to maintain your enthusiasm even after the initial excitement wears off. Laps might feel repetitive by the time you get to number 200. Similarly, it’s natural to get in a rut at work. Make an effort to have an ongoing positive attitude about your job by learning new things, taking on more responsibilities, and taking pride in your work.


Make good use of your pit stops.

Just as drivers will have to make several pit stops throughout the race, job seekers can use breaks between employment to do their own refueling and repairs, so to speak. Use time between jobs to brush up on skills, volunteer, network, and consider what type of career would be best for you. Not only are pit stops important, your crew is also essential. At Penmac, staffing specialists work with candidates throughout the application process, and stay in touch to provide employees ongoing support on the job.


Sometimes it seems like finding a job is a race against the clock, but if you’re driven enough you’ll find a position that is right for you. Once you do, you may have to make adjustments along the way—accelerating when it’s called for and slowing down for corners. This weekend, when you’re watching the race, consider how NASCAR can help you cruise into Victory Lane with a job you love.

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