How Effective Leadership Can Improve Teamwork

This MLK Day, consider how leadership and teamwork go hand in hand.

Monday, January 16th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day to honor a leader who changed the nation. Leadership is an important part of American culture, both socially and in the workplace. Leadership is as much about the team you are working with as it is about the person in charge. Effective leadership will foster team performance. The four articles below will give you some ideas for how to enhance your leadership and teamwork skills.


Why Teamwork is Important for Business

All businesses can benefit from teamwork. Employees that work well together have stronger relationships, which encourages collaboration and creates a happier and more productive team. Click here to read more about how you can foster teamwork among your staff.


How to Assemble a Great Team

While no two teams will look exactly alike, most successful teams do share some similar qualities. Team members are talented and hardworking. They communicate well with each other, have a shared vision, and trust their coworkers. Learn more about how you can nurture a great team in this article.


Making Temps Part of Your Team

Most companies that use temporary staffing also have a group of permanent employees on payroll. How can you ensure that these two groups of employees get along well with each other? Check out this piece for a few tips about fostering teamwork between temps and permanent employees.


Five Things Good Leaders Do Well

Teamwork and leadership go hand in hand. Leaders work hard, communicate effectively, are good at building relationships, are passionate about a cause, and are generally optimistic. Read more about these qualities here.

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