What should you put on your resume if you’re new to the workforce?

Learn how your transferrable skills can help you find a job that’s right for you.

Are you looking for work, but are worried you don’t have enough experience to find a good job? Maybe you’ve taken a few years off to help raise your family, or perhaps you’ve just graduated and haven’t had many jobs yet. Likely, even if you don’t have a strong employment history, you still have many skills that would make you a valuable employee. If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent, you’re probably experienced at multitasking, leadership, and time management. Students have to be good at communication, listening, and organization. These skills that you can transfer between different aspects of life, from personal to professional, are called transferrable skills.


If you’re currently looking for work, but need help brainstorming the skills you’ve mastered, consider these transferrable skills. Do any apply?

  • Communication: Can you clearly get your messages across? Employers value people who have good written and verbal communication.
  • Organization: Have you ever managed an overwhelming schedule, multiple projects, and kept everything in order? Individuals who can stay organized are valuable employees.
  • Leadership: Do you like to take charge on a project and help others work together as a team? Be sure to highlight your leadership skills when you’re applying for work.
  • Decision-Making: Are you able to gather and analyze information that helps you figure out the best solution to a problem? Being able to make educated decisions can be critical in any job.

These are just a few of the many transferrable skills that could help you land that next job. Think of more by remembering past projects or experiences that you’ve successfully completed, either in or out of the workforce. Then, think about what skills were necessary for you to do your tasks. Often, knowledge of a computer program, how to operate a certain piece of equipment, or familiarity with specific industry terms can be valuable transferrable skills.


Once you’ve figured out what your transferrable skills are, you might be wondering how they can help you in your job search. First, consider adding a skills section to your resume. List your skills in a separate section, apart from education and employment history. This will make them stand out to hiring managers who look at your resume. Another great place to bring attention to these skills is in your cover letter. There, you have the opportunity to explain your skills in more detail. Finally, don’t forget to mention them during the interview. Employers are impressed when candidates are able to demonstrate real life examples of their skills being put to use.


Don’t let a lack of work experience be a barrier for you finding employment. For more help learning what type of position your job skills make you a great fit for, contact your local Penmac office today.


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