Have You Heard About the New Trend in Hiring?

Hiring a combination of temporary and permanent employees can benefit your business.

Businesses are changing the way they view employee recruitment. Instead of focusing on hiring either for permanent positions or for predominately temporary ones, companies are beginning to see the benefits of both. Similarly, the workforce is shifting the way they view employment, viewing both temporary and permanent opportunities as legitimate possibilities.


After the recession, many job seekers had to modify to their employment outlook. Rather than committing to long-term careers, individuals had to take the jobs that were available at the time. While this was often a difficult adjustment to make, people realized there was an upside to this new perspective. Employees suddenly had more flexibility in their schedules. There was room to focus on family, education, and other non-work goals. Some employees used this time to better themselves through schooling and other professional development. As the labor force has opened up, many of these individuals are even more marketable.


In addition, businesses are changing assumptions about hiring. Their goal is to find quality employees, but there are many avenues in which they can achieve this. Staffing companies cannot only place qualified workers in positions quickly and efficiently, but they also offer temp-to-hire and direct hire opportunities. Clients can choose to use temporary workers to fill shifting needs, or use staffing companies to seek skilled candidates to fill more permanent roles. By outsourcing human resource needs to companies like Penmac, businesses are able to save money on recruitment, hiring, and other areas.


Business models can benefit from the combination of contingent and permanent employees that each fills unique functions. By combining these searches, you recruit a larger pool of candidates, which often results in finding better talent. Penmac Staffing, a premier supplier of human resource needs, is here to help you with your candidate search.