Can a Temp Agency Help Me Find a Long-Term Career?

Learn how you can go from being a temp to a permanent employee.

Penmac Staffing provides many different employment opportunities, including temporary, professional, long-term, and temp-to-hire opportunities. Associates and businesses both benefit from temp-to-hire employment, as it gives workers an opportunity to learn about the job and the company a chance to see the employee’s performance. For those employees looking to begin a long-term career through a temporary assignment, Penmac Staffing has some tips.


Perform Well

Though it may be obvious, the first thing you can do is perform your duties well. Be sure to thoroughly examine the job description before accepting the job, ensuring that you are able to complete all of the tasks assigned to you. When you start your position, try to learn quickly. Take notes, ask for tips from coworkers and supervisors, and be willing and eager to do what is asked. Be sure you arrive to work on time, and call both your supervisor and Penmac office if you are going to be late or can’t make it in to work.


Exceed Expectations

Employers appreciate employees who go beyond their minimum job responsibilities. If you finish something ahead of time, find something else to do to be productive, whether you get a head start on another task or clean the work area to make it a more efficient place for the next assignment. Take pride in your work, paying attention to detail and quality.



Even if you are doing an exceptional job in your temporary position, it may not turn into a permanent one unless you communicate to your supervisor that your goal is to obtain long-term employment. Let your staffing company know as well, as they can offer you placements that have the potential for that kind of growth. Getting to know your coworkers and supervisors well will foster good communication, and give you an opportunity to advocate for yourself.


If you’re performing well in a temporary assignment, and you want to remain in your position in the future, work hard and let your staffing company and supervisor know your employment goals. Penmac Staffing is here to help associates find job success.