How to Cope With Being Turned Down for a Job

Read these tips on moving on from job rejection.

If you’ve ever looked for work, you know how frustrating it can be when you don’t get the response you want from a business. Maybe you’ve applied for a position, and never heard back from the employer. Or, maybe you got called in for an interview, but still didn’t get a job offer. Most of us have experienced rejection at some point, but the important thing is how you handle it.


When you first get turned down for a position, it’s natural to feel upset. Recognize that it’s normal to be discouraged. Allow yourself to feel that way for a while, but then try to move on without focusing too much on the rejection. Distract yourself by doing things like exercising, getting back to the job search, volunteering, etc. Keep in mind that you aren’t alone, and that getting turned down can be part of the process. Try to stay positive by keeping perspective about the big picture of looking for employment.


If you don’t get the job you wanted, ask for feedback from the employer or HR manager. Your first instinct after being turned down for a position may be to try to quickly forget about it and move on. You’re probably feeling upset and frustrated, and don’t want to continue communicating with the business, but learning why you weren’t selected could help you for future opportunities. Try addressing any issues that the HR manager mentions, and be grateful for the experience so you can improve for your next application or interview.


Be sure to remain polite and professional even when you don’t get the job. You may want to apply for a position with that company again someday. Or, there may be employees at that business you might encounter again at some point in your career. Acting negatively could damage your reputation and chances at future employment.


Most importantly, don’t let one rejection derail your job search. As you look for employment, don’t pin your hopes on one specific job. Remember there are always other opportunities out there. Be persistent and stay positive, and eventually you’ll find a job to meet your needs. For help finding a job that’s right for you, call your local Penmac office today.