How to Assemble a Great Team

What makes a winning team within a company?

As the 2016 Olympic Games approach, we are all looking forward to seeing our favorite athletes perform, watching the different events, and rooting for our teams. As you watch this year, consider the value of teamwork as it might apply on the job. Do all teams share common characteristics whether they’re athletic or professional? What does a great team look like? We know that a culture of teamwork is important in the workplace—it strengthens coworker bonds, creates happier and more productive staff, and can make it easier to overcome challenges. Consider the qualities below, and the role that they play in assembling a great team.


Shared Vision

No team can be successful unless all members share the same overall mission. It’s important to establish team goals and make sure all members are united in their purpose.


Hard Workers

All great teams have hard workers. Whether in the workplace or in sports, the best teams are made up of people who are dedicated to doing their best. Hard workers are self-motivated and consistently put their efforts into completing projects well.


Unique Talents

Each person on a team has unique talents and perspectives. The best teams play to each person’s individual strengths rather than valuing one attribute more than others. Recognize the traits that make each team member valuable and designate roles and responsibilities for them that will strengthen the overall goal.


Effective Communication

It doesn’t matter if you have the most talented group of individuals around, if you aren’t able to communicate well together. Great teams typically have lots of discussion, ground rules for getting work done, and a model for decision making.



Trust is an essential element of a team. Members must have enough respect and confidence in their coworkers that they have faith in them to get the project done. It isn’t healthy if one person on the team tries to manage all aspects of a project; it’s important that everyone is given an opportunity to do his or her part.


In general, businesses are more successful when employees work together. Use these traits to put together a winning team at your company.