It Pays to Graduate!

You can earn more if you learn more.

Each May after graduation season, more job seekers enter the workforce. If you’re among those looking for work, make sure you have the necessary tools to successfully get hired. One of the main parts of making sure you stay competitive in the job market is your education. Obtaining your high school diploma or equivalent will open more employment opportunities, improve your knowledge base, and demonstrate a good work ethic.


It Pays to Graduate

Graduates Have More Opportunities.

More and more employers are requiring that job seekers have a high school diploma or equivalency. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that more than 70% of jobs require at least a high school diploma or equivalent. While it’s still possible to get a job without a diploma, it’s difficult. Even businesses that hire in manufacturing and other labor positions often require that workers have at least a GED. Often, if a hiring manager is choosing between two candidates, he or she is more likely to hire the person with more education. High school graduates make more than a quarter more in income than employees without a diploma.


Graduates Have Broader Knowledge.

One of the reasons more employment opportunities are available to graduates is because they have learned valuable skills. High schools and high school equivalency programs teach students critical thinking, problem solving, and deductive reasoning. You learn about teamwork, communication, and the world around you. In addition to teaching you essential knowledge, like math, writing, and science, school teaches you how to learn. This becomes even more important in the workplace as you learn new tasks and need to understand how the context of what you do fits in with the overall business.



Graduates Demonstrate Good Character.

As kids, we all hear our parents and teachers encourage us to stay in school. It’s good advice, and sometimes much needed. The truth is, school can be tough. It’s not always easy—classes can be overwhelming, homework is sometimes stressful, and you don’t always get along with all of your teachers and classmates. But, if you stick with it, it shows good character. Similarly, if you return to school or start studying for a high school equivalency test, it shows a strong work ethic. GED and other high school equivalent tests can be challenging, and future employers respect those who take the time and effort to study and pass the test.


If you’re graduating this spring, and are looking for a summer job or would like to start a long-term career, Penmac can help. Or, if you’d like more information about pursuing your high school equivalency, many of our Penmac offices partner with local adult education programs, and can help you get started.


Congratulations, 2016 graduates!