5 Myths About Working for Staffing Companies

Don’t be fooled this April 1st! Learn the truth about staffing.

This Friday is April Fool’s Day, a day to watch out for practical jokes and workplace pranks. While most jokes are lighthearted and fun, when it comes to work, you don’t want to be fooled. Unfortunately, many job seekers have some misconceptions about the staffing industry. Read below to learn more about how staffing really works.


Myth: Staffing companies only have entry-level positions.

Fact: Penmac Staffing seeks a variety of candidates with a range of experience levels. We offer positions in construction, industrial, manufacturing, medical, IT, transportation, clerical, and hospitality. Some of our positions are great for job seekers who are just starting out, or who want to try a new industry. Others require specific skills or experience in a field. Available positions can change on a daily basis; check with your local office to learn more about opportunities that might be right for you.


Myth: I will only find temporary work.

Fact: Penmac Staffing does offer on-demand staffing for associates who need work quickly, which is beneficial for job seekers who need work to make ends meet, or who want to explore different industries. But we also have other work options. Some Penmac associates work for a specific company for years, while still remaining on Penmac payroll and benefitting from long-term benefits. Penmac also offers temp-to-hire and direct hire opportunities. In temp-to-hire positions, associates are able to see if they will like the job and business where they are working before deciding if it is something they would like to do permanently.


Myth: I will be charged to work with a staffing company.

Fact: Penmac’s services are always free to job seekers and employees.


Myth: Working for a staffing company will look bad on my resume.

Fact: Working with a staffing company gives workers an opportunity to learn new skills, network, and demonstrate your value as an employee. Most employers understand that it can be difficult to find a job, and respect the benefits associates get working through a staffing company, and would frown on long-term unemployment more. Read more about how to show your temp work on a resume by clicking here.


Myth: I won’t be offered benefits if I work with a staffing company.

Fact: Penmac Staffing offers health and retirement benefits to eligible full-time associates. We know most people need more than just a job; most employees need long-term financial protection. We offer medical benefits that meet ACA requirements. Eligible employees also have access to a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan, and benefits from Penmac’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan.


If you still have questions about how staffing works, or would like more information about how Penmac Staffing could help you with your job search, contact a staffing specialist in your area. If you’re a business looking to learn more about misconceptions about the staffing industry, read more here.