Cruise Into Victory Lane with a Job You Love

Learn how you can turn your hobby into a career.

This weekend, the Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season. Race fans everywhere are tuning in, hoping to see their favorite driver take the checkered flag. As you’re watching the excitement, you might be wishing there were a way you could turn your love of cars into a job. Maybe you like to tinker with cars on the weekend, or you’re the one family members call when they need a vehicle repair. Your off-hours hobby may have given you the skills necessary to excel in your ideal job. Whether your hobby is working on cars, baking, gardening, or something else, it makes sense to think about the ways your talents and interests could translate to the workplace.


Apply for jobs related to your hobby.

While it’s not always possible to turn your hobby into a career, you can certainly apply for positions in an industry you’re interested in. If you love cars, search for auto mechanic positions, driving jobs, or a position in manufacturing or production. Be willing to start at an entry-level position. It will allow you to be surrounded by an industry that interests you, and you’ll be able to gain experience and knowledge that could benefit you in the future, helping to advance your career.


Use skills related to your hobby to help find a job.

Not all of us can be lucky enough to find a job in a field we’re interested in, but the skills you develop through hobbies and activities you enjoy doing in your free time, could be used to market yourself in the workplace. For instance, if you work on cars for fun in your free time, you have probably developed many qualities you’re not even aware of. When you repair vehicles, you have to have an above-average ability to solve problems. As you’re fixing a car or truck, you must identify what is causing the problem, and figure out how to fix it. While this is essential in the auto industry, it is also an important part of many other jobs. Similarly, autoworkers generally have an attention to detail, a solid work ethic, and knowledge of current technologies. These are all qualities that could benefit you in many types of jobs.


Make sure your hobby stays enjoyable.

While it may sound ideal to turn your hobby into a job, make sure you consider all aspects before making a career change. Is your hobby something you’re great at, or just something you have fun with in your spare time? If you love cooking, but your recipes don’t always turn out, you might want to polish your skills before you look for a job in the restaurant industry. Also, hobbies are typically something people enjoy every once in a while on a weekend or in the evenings. Would you continue to enjoy it if it became a repetitive task you had to do each day?


If you think turning your hobby into a job would be a successful move for you, look online at to see if there are current openings in your area in an industry you love.