Temps Save the Day for Businesses

Learn how staffing works, and how you can be a hero!

Do you have the courage and strength to get jobs done? Do you step up to the task when others shy away? Are you ready to respond in a flash to help American companies? If so, you could join the ranks of the many heroes Penmac is proud to work with each day. Each year, thousands of temporary employees save the day by stepping in at local businesses to make sure businesses are able to meet their deadlines and keep operations going smoothly. Not only that, but these individuals are heroes for their families—providing support and security. Read how Penmac can help you unleash your inner superhero.


Your Staffing Sidekick

At Penmac, we get a lot of questions about what staffing is and how it works. In its simplest terms, staffing is a way to connect job seekers with employers. Penmac meets with candidates who are interested in employment to learn about their skills, experience, interests, and job goals. Similarly, Penmac partners with businesses to learn what sorts of employees they are looking for. Then, we place candidates in positions that meet their needs.


Heroic Quests

Are you looking for a temporary position to help ends meet just until your next big adventure? Or maybe you need a journey that will last. Either way, Penmac can help. Penmac offers temporary assignments for job seekers who need a little flexibility. This is great for candidates who are between opportunities, or if your schedule changes from week to week. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more stability, Penmac can help you find a long-term or temp-to-hire assignment that you can depend on.


A Reward that Pays

You might be wondering how staffing companies get paid. A widespread myth about staffing is that businesses take a percentage of employee salaries. The truth is, staffing agencies help businesses with the hiring process, payroll, benefits, unemployment insurance, and other HR tasks. The company pays the staffing agency directly to take care of these administrative responsibilities. Penmac’s associates are paid according to industry averages, and are never charged a fee.


Use Your Powers for Good

Are you ready to defend difficult deadlines and battle the villains of unproductivity? Penmac knows that its temps are the true heroes of the economy, coming to the rescue when businesses need it most. Temporary workers are there, again and again, making sure the job gets done. We appreciate this loyalty, courage, and hard work, and know that these qualities are what make ordinary businesses extraordinary.


A Pillar of Strength

A strong workforce creates successful businesses, which contribute to stronger communities. You can be a part of this, too—work to strengthen your town, making it a great place to raise your children. You’ll be a hero to your family, providing for them and acting as a positive role model. Going to work each day sets a great example for your children, and lets them see that they are well taken care of.


Do you have what it takes? Call or stop by your local Penmac office to learn how you can join the ranks of a great team.