16 Workplace Goals for a Happier 2016

Improve the workplace with your resolutions.

Exercise more, quit bad habits, eat healthier—everyone’s busy making New Year’s resolutions. This year, try something new and resolve to make a happier workplace. Ring in 2016 with these sixteen tips to improve the workplace.


  1. Have a good attitude. Optimism can increase productivity and help you cope well in stressful situations. Your cheerfulness will brighten the workplace, and your coworkers will thank you.
  2. Show you care. Surprise others by bringing in bagels, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, or by simply remembering to ask how their son’s soccer game went last weekend.
  3. Give credit where credit is due. Make sure everyone who worked on a project is acknowledged. This recognition will go a long way in improving morale.
  4. Provide positive feedback. Complimenting staff with specific praise helps them know not just that you’re paying attention, but also encourages similar performance in the future.
  5. Be gracious in accepting constructive criticism. It’s easy to feel defensive when being critiqued, but give yourself time to process and understand so you can understand how you can improve on tasks.
  6. Offer help to overwhelmed coworkers. There’s been a time when we all could have used an extra hand. Try to recognize when others need help, and offer your assistance.
  7. Embrace and learn from failure. No one is perfect. Every once in a while you might have an unsuccessful project, but try to view it as a learning opportunity.
  8. Show your trust by delegating. Trusting others to complete a project or task shows that you respect their talents and skills. Many employees value the extra responsibility.
  9. Celebrate accomplishments. Whether it is an individual or group achievement, be sure to congratulate others on a job well done. It’s important to acknowledge successes.
  10. Make time for fun. A workplace culture that encourages employees to have fun on the job can increase productivity, reduce stress, and increase employee retention rates.
  11. Do projects you’re passionate about. You will be more motivated to work on a task that you enjoy and care about. Your product is also likely to reflect your passion, which is good for business.
  12. Say thank you. Expressing gratitude to coworkers and employees shows that you notice their hard work. It makes them feel appreciated and valued.
  13. Offer perks. Improve the working environment by giving workers perks such financial incentives, casual Fridays, company celebrations, etc.
  14. Occasionally change routine. Every once in a while, alter the work schedule. Doing things differently can boost creativity and help you identify habits that aren’t working.
  15. Show results. While management usually sees the final outcomes, employees often don’t get to see the final product. Share with staff how their work fits into the bigger picture.
  16. Communicate. A workplace with open communication ensures that everyone understands the company mission and is working toward the same goal.


Penmac Staffing wishes you a happy and successful new year!


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