Why Saying “Thank You” is Important

Make a good impression by sending a Thank You note after interviews.

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us about the importance of gratitude in our daily lives. Saying “thank you” is important, not just in our personal lives, but also in the job search process. Think about your experience looking for work—you’ve put in your application; you’ve had your interview. Now what? It can seem like a long wait as you wait for an employer to contact you to inform you about whether you’ve gotten the job. In the meantime, use this waiting period as an opportunity to make yourself stand out by writing a personalized thank you card.


Writing a note to express your appreciation can set you apart from other applicants in several ways. It shows that you are still thinking about the open position, even after the interview has been completed. When an employer receives a message, he or she will be reminded of you in an otherwise busy workday. A personalized note gives you a second chance to promote yourself, to reemphasize the qualifications you discussed in the interview.


When you’re deciding how to write your note, consider how quickly the employer is hoping to fill the position. If the business was planning to make a hiring decision on the day of or the day after your interview, you probably don’t have time to write and mail a card. In that case, send a follow-up e-mail immediately following your meeting. If possible, send a handwritten card. This takes more time than e-mail, but most managers appreciate the extra effort.


Your note doesn’t need to be long; it should be addressed directly to the person you interviewed with and mention the position you interviewed for. Mention a detail from the interview, such something you learned about the company that fits well with your qualifications. Let the hiring manager know you appreciate his or her time and thank the company for the opportunity to interview.


Sending a thank you note not only shows you are grateful for the opportunity to meet with an employer; it also impresses the person you met with. A little extra effort could make a big difference when hiring decisions are made.


To allow employees to spend time with their families, Penmac offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.