Three Resume Tips for Veterans

Penmac Salutes Those Who Serve.

Today is Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor both active and retired military. In addition to expressing our gratitude to soldiers, Penmac Staffing wanted to share a few tips on resume writing with veterans. For some who leave the service, writing a resume to enter a civilian workforce can feel intimidating. At Penmac, we hope to ease the transition with these tips.

  1. Market Your Work Ethic.

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing your resume is that your service has already equipped you with many of the traits that are highly valued in the workplace. The military requires individuals to have an exceptional work ethic and focus. Service members must be disciplined, know how to work as part of a team, and prioritize tasks. They must strategize, plan, and work toward a specific goal. Many supervisors prize these qualities so much, that they would be willing to provide training to relatively inexperienced job seekers with outstanding character, rather than just hire someone on their experience alone.

  1. Translate Your Skill Set.

Similarly, even if you haven’t been in the civilian workforce for a while, your service has provided you with a skillset. You just need to figure out how those skills translate. Consider those tasks you’ve exceled at, and brainstorm jobs that would require those particular skills. Customize your resume with a goal stating how you plan to apply your experience. Set yourself up for success and only apply to those positions where your experience is applicable. If you’re interested in doing something that you don’t have a background, be willing to accept an entry-level position, or consider training through your local community college.

  1. Remember Your Audience

As you create your resume, remember who will be reading it. While you don’t want to downplay your military accomplishments, you do want to communicate them in a way that civilian hiring managers will understand. If possible, rephrase your titles, past job duties, and accolades so that employers will be able to appreciate your experience and skills.

If you’re looking for work, be sure to stop by your local Penmac office to see how one of our staffing specialists can help in your job search. Thank you, veterans, for your service!