Can Networking Work for You?

Learn three ways networking can improve your career.

Sometimes the term “networking” sounds like a business concept only relevant to managers and executives, but really, networking just means building professional relationships. Consider the value of networking in your job, whether it’s in an office, factory, or outdoors. Getting to know others in your industry or other companies can help you expand business, increase your professional knowledge, and add to your personal growth.


Expand Business

Having connections with a variety of people will help your business. People are more likely to do business with someone they know, than someone they do not. They have already developed a trust with you, and that extends to your business. Knowing the people you do business with also helps you cater to meet their needs. You will be better at customizing your products or services, because you will personally know that individual’s expectations. Others will also know you well, and be able to provide you with tailored services in return.


Increase Knowledge

Your business will not only expand with personalized service, but will also grow your knowledge of other businesses, and in some cases, of your own company. As you talk to more people and build more relationships, you will learn more about other industries in your area. Other leaders will be able to share perspectives on the market and stories of past successes and failures that you can learn from. Colleagues will be more likely to give you feedback if you are already in the habit of having honest discussions; this constructive feedback can further improve business.


Personal Growth

In addition to helping your business, networking can also help you personally. Networking can increase your confidence and give you experience in marketing your business. You will become more comfortable talking to others and explaining your strengths. Others will continue to spread the word by promoting you. As more and more people recognize your name, people will get into the habit of thinking about how you and your business can fill some of their specific needs.


At Penmac Staffing, we think relationships are important. Networking is more than just a corporate term. It is a way of doing business. We like to know the people we work with, because it helps us better serve the community. If you’re looking for employment success, stop by a local Penmac office today.