How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Job Search

Use social media to market yourself to potential employers.

As you look for employment, consider what your social media accounts are saying about you. More and more businesses are using social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as a way to recruit job applicants and research prospective candidates. Keep in mind that potential employers can see pictures, comments, and other updates that you post to your accounts. You can do a few things to market yourself to businesses that may be viewing your profiles.


Most importantly, be professional. While social media seems like a personal tool to use to interact with friends and family, realize that they are not the only ones who are able to see your information. Don’t post any pictures or comments that you wouldn’t want a supervisor to see. Photos and comments should be appropriate, and not show any excessive drug or alcohol use. Avoid displaying any negative information about your former or current employers. Instead, create a well-rounded profile that shows interests and experiences that support your resume and the information you are communicating to businesses as you look for employment.


Think of your social media accounts as platforms to promote yourself. Display good communication skills, checking both spelling and grammar. Show your expertise in the fields you hope to work in by starting conversations with others. Expand your network by connecting to other businesses and professionals in your field. Potential hiring managers will be able to see the relationships you’ve developed, and what references might say about you. Keep your account current and check it regularly.


Regardless of if you intend for social media to market yourself, that is what it does. While you don’t have to treat your profile like a resume, you should keep in mind that prospective managers could be viewing the information you share.