Body Language Can Speak Volumes

Nonverbal communication plays an important role in applying for jobs.

Whether or not you realize it, you communicate with more than words. When looking for employment, it is important to pay attention to your body language and the gestures you make. There are several things you should keep in mind regarding effective communication during interviews, speaking to potential employers, and in other professional situations.



When meeting a potential employer, be sure to offer a firm handshake. Always use your right hand to shake with; if necessary, shift things you are carrying to your left side so your right hand is free. Be sure your hands are dry and clean, and grip firmly, but not too aggressively.


Eye Contact

During an interview or business conversation, maintain appropriate eye contact. Look at the person you are speaking to directly, but do not stare. Pay attention to the other person, and modify your body language as needed.



Sit up straight to convey that you are confident and assertive. Keep your arms down instead of crossed to communicate you’re open and receptive to what the other person is saying.



Even if you are nervous, try to appear calm by remaining still and casual. Avoid jiggling or bouncing your legs, playing with your hair, or fidgeting with your hands.


Most people have experienced the nervousness and challenges that come with looking for work, and understand what you might be feeling. Still, employers are impressed when job candidates make an effort to appear professional and communicate effectively. For questions or more tips, visit with one of Penmac’s talented staffing specialists.